Flourishing few.

Flourishing together.

A place where everyone has equal pay and an equal say.


The Latin word ubīqué (ˈuːbɪˌkweɪ) means "everywhere" and is derived from ubī̆ (“where”) +‎ -que (“each, ever”). It is the root of the word ubiquitous which means widespread or omnipresent.

Back in 2019, when a few of us were routinely on the road, proudly calling ourselves road warriors, we found that no matter where we went — from Bangalore to Chennai to Mumbai to London to Paris to New York to Los Angeles to Bucharest — we were ensnarled in traffic and had to deal with rush hours, plan ahead to beat the traffic and so forth. We were pondering on that eternal question: where is everyone going?!


It got us thinking if this universal phenomenon of traveling to get to work was necessary, especially with technology now being so ubiquitous, accessible and affordable.

We began to work on a solution and called it ubique™. That's our origin story.

Keep in mind, this was 2019 — before the pandemic. Our name reflects what we believe in.

We set the direction.

Equal say.


Well, here at ubique™ we’ve been doing things differently. While we started to rethink the workplace, it quickly made sense that we should look at work as a whole, including the workforce and operating models. And, here we are.


We believe in a fairer world in which wealth and resources are distributed to everybody rather than only a few.


We’re a business owned and run by the people who work here. We, ubique’s employees, set the direction of the business. Everyone has an equal say in what we do. We all get paid equitably, and take collective responsibility.


It means that when you meet someone who works at ubique™, you’re meeting a co-owner who knows and cares about the business. Find out more about our values.


We are a talented and passionate bunch. Most of us have decades of experience in the technology services industry, and are skilled in technology, domain, process and creative fields. Find out more about our expertise.


We hereby give notice to technology companies that do not treat their employees fairly, do not give their workers control of their businesses and do not seek to create a fairer world that your days are numbered. We are more creative, more committed and more resilient. Join us.

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