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Empowering Flexibility.

At ubique™, we control our individual experiences, making us more engaged.




The mass experiment in remote working has put the spotlight on the role of the office.

Most service providers will have you believe that work-from-home is a radical phenomenon forced upon them by the pandemic. The fact is, they have had the opportunity to embrace it for quite some time. Most chose not to. (Not) Surprisingly, now, the very same people are its biggest advocates.

Yet, the somber realty reality is that their pivot is not whole-hearted. Don't take our word for it — employees give their employers mixed reviews on this front.

We have re-envisioned the role of the workplace — not how to eliminate it, but how to make it an even stronger competitive advantage — one that is compelling and safe for employees and smart for the business.

We redefine
WFH as WF❤™

In the short term, employees will continue to remain cautious about venturing out into workplaces. However, as society reopens in fits and starts, returning to a workplace presents a unique challenge and an opportunity.

Despite serious concerns about health and safety, large numbers of employees already miss the chatter and bustle of the office. They may not want to return to it everyday, but they are not ready to give it up completely either.

That is why we must reconfigure our working model by adequately enabling a judicious mix of remote and in-person work arrangements that supports employees' physical and emotional health.


At ubique™, we have done just that. If our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home, they can do so and we make that happen.

If not, our ubique SPACES™ will be their warm and welcoming selves, with some additional precautions, when they want to return.

It's what we call work-from-heart WF❤™ — because the best work comes from where the heart is!


From cubicle to cubiqle™

A network of 100% asset-free proximity-based drop-in satellite workspaces in analytically-chosen locales through which we optimize work, reduce commutes, enhance productivity, improve work-life balance and build better communities.


Making good on

Meaningful Independence.

ubique’s model is not a return to the status-quo nor is it an extreme solution predicated by aggressive cost-reduction.

It is a re-envisioned dynamic model that allows us to tailor work to align our people, clients and communities in specific locales through which we optimize work, reduce commutes, enhance productivity, improve work-life balance and build better communities.



Large number of small footprint, flexible lease satellite workspaces.


Lesser commute & enhanced flexibility across a network of satellite spaces.


Analytically chosen hyper-local locations that provide proximity & choice.


Consistently safe, positive, compelling and resilient employee experience.

What it means for our




The ubique™ model, envisioned from the ground-up, is designed to be efficient using the following tenets:

  • 100% Asset-free model.
    • Only flexi-leased spaces.
    • NO directly-owned properties.
    • Using efficient contracts with best-of-breed providers.

  • Hyper-local locations.
    • Provide proximity & choice.

  • Elastic supply model.
    • Capacity to react to fluctuating demand.

  • Low-fixed cost.
    • Optimized Opex.

This results in direct benefits for our customers.

Operations Chart

  • Significant reduction in facilities costs.
  • Greater agility and variabalization.
  • NO fixed costs or assets.

Compare this to traditional service providers who have invested in their own real estate — in the millions or billions. They are saddled with heavy legacy.

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