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Empowered Experience.

The ubique™ platform provides us speed, agility and security, making us more productive and connected.




Remote work (or virtual work) has been gaining momentum for many years.

Abundant advances have been made in technology, especially cloud-based ones, that can fuel leaps in overall experience and productivity. Yet, they remain untapped.

It is time to uncover the next practices of managing a remote global workforce.

At ubique™, we have purpose-built technology and models that make us work productively, collaborate effectively, communicate transparently and transcend boundaries — whether from the office, home or en route.


A platform that binds it all.

UBIQLOUD™ is a purpose-built platform that offers consistent and resilient connectivity, enabling users — our employees, customers and partners — to work seamlessly regardless of where they are or what device they are on. It provides:

  • an integrated 360° experience to all stakeholders
  • consumer-like, digital workplace experience
  • constantly evolving decision-making & insights through voracious (machine) learning
  • augmented intelligence-enhanced operations
  • combining smart workplaces, virtual agents, self-service portals, proactive analytics.
UBIQLOUD schematic


UBIQLOUD™ is an asset-light cloud-based platform that powers everything we do.

All ubiquites use UBIDESQ™ – a Secure, Compliant Cloud-based desktop that provides a better experience and endpoint security than traditional desktop-as-a-service, but for less cost and with far greater agility and flexibility.



UBIQLOUD™ orchestrates a consistent experience including connectivity, compliance, collaboration & communications.


Faster on[off] boarding of employees and customers possible in a secure fashion. Accelerates time to productivity.


Significant reduction in end user computing costs as compared to an on-premise solution. NO fixed costs or assets.


Through ubique TRUST™ we implement a Secure, SOC 2 Type II, SaaS platform that delivers privileged services with transparency, security & auditability.

What it means for our




The ubique™ model, envisioned from the ground-up, is designed to be efficient using the following tenets:

  • A wholly re-envisioned model that challenged us to reimagine how we define, capture, manage, report, and calculate information.
  • Rather than tweak existing models, we redesigned the entire experience to be optimized. This required us to reimagine hundreds of processes.
  • We leveraged the opportunity to incorporate new and emerging technologies into the solution to create capabilities that simply could not be achieved with tools available to the prior generation.
  • Incorporates our decades of domain experience in the services delivery and workforce management fields.
  • Asset-lite model.
    • Cloud-based technologies — cloud platform and cloud desktops.
    • NO directly-owned properties.

  • Best-of-breed. Best-in-class.
    • Leveraging cutting-edge solutions from best-of-breed partners.
    • Will allow us to co-innovate together and stay on top.

  • Elastic supply model.
    • Capacity to react to fluctuating demand.

  • Low-fixed cost.
    • Optimized Opex.

This reults in direct benefits for our customers.

Operations Chart

  • Significant reduction in end user computing costs as compared to an on-premise solution.
  • Vastly reduced support, maintenance, refresh costs and resources.
  • Effortlessly stay current with the latest technology stack.
  • Greater agility and variabalization.
  • NO fixed costs or assets.

Compare this to traditional service providers who have invested in outdated assets — in the millions or billions. They are saddled with heavy legacy.

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