We're different by design.

Uniquely Ubique.

We don't just stand out. We stand apart.




At ubique™, we like to humbly submit that we have no competition, because we are unlike anyone out there.

What we have done is create an entirely new category of service providers — just as Uber disrupted the transportation industry or Airbnb disrupted the hospitality industry. Why do we think so?

A key part of their strategy was built on imagining a wholly new model — one where they didn't own any material assets of their own — Uber has no vehicles; Airbnb has no real estate.

That's where we are similar. Unlike existing incumbents of the technology services industry, who own large swathes of campuses and offices , we have chosen to take a different path. That doesn't mean we have shunned the office completely. We have reimagined the Workplace.

In the same breath, we have reimagined the Workforce. Because, we believe intangible assets generate the highest value.

In summary, we have reimagined four key tenets as a foundation for ubique™:


At ubique™, we create opportunities for equitable growth by offering life-changing models along with best-in-class benefits to talent while they work on some of the most exciting work, often, without leaving their homes or traveling far.


Some roles let us work from wherever: home, coffee shop or a Wi-Fi-enabled Himalayan hut. Others are better in an office. Plus, we recognize the importance of face-to-face interactions. ubique™’s dynamic model allows us to configure nimbly.


UBIQLOUD™ is a purpose-built platform that offers a seamless and resilient experience regardless of location or device. Boosts productivity, collaboration & communication across boundaries – office, home or en route.

Operating Model

In a modern, networked and knowledge-based world, the best talent is no longer concentrated in tight-knit areas. ubique™ is helping fast-growing companies gain access to elite talent in ways that are better than traditional sourcing.

Resulting in the following benefits:

Workforce Workplace Business Model Operating Model
Meaningful Independence Asset-Light:
Reduced IT support, Better Experience
Agile, Responsive, NO Bloat
Reduced cost & complexity
Meaningful Development & Growth Augmented Intelligence-led hyperLOCAL:
Dynamic Locales & Hubs
Reinvented Adaptiveness:
Turnkey Done Right
Augmented Intelligence-led Elasticity:
Scale & customize on-demand
Thriving Equitably Turnkey & Elastic:
Reduced Cost & Complexity
Reinvented Competitiveness:
Incumbents are saddled with heavy legacy
Meet BCP, DR & glocal compliance requirements

Ubiquitous transformation
has left incumbents
saddled with heavy legacy.

The ubique™ difference.

In light of recent changes, you should be asking these questions.

Your current supplier
You do everything
Contingent backup
Our model
Large, lumpy offices
Real Estate Capital Investments
Fixed Operating costs
Asset Utilization Challenges
Network of hyper-local office spaces
Analytically determined hyper-local locations providing better proximity, choice & mobility
Flexible leases allowing for elasticity
Lesser commute & enhanced flexibility
More distributed workforce; better access to skills
Elastic Supply Model
100% asset-free model
Low-fixed cost. Optimized Opex.
Flexible schedules
Flexible working location
Stability: a consistent Reward Framework
Growth: co-ownership
Security: consistent Benefits & Support

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