Prioritizing the
right kind of capital.

Human Capital.

At ubique™, each one of us is a co-owner who asserts influence in making decisions transparently.





As alternative work arrangements become more common, leaders are rapidly trying to plan and optimize their workforce ecosystems, pressured by the need to reduce costs, improve service, move faster and find niche skills.

On the other hand, today’s workers seek equality, flexibility, stability and security.

To drive real value, we must understand how to appeal to and engage with workers of diverse nature.

Meaningful Independence

At ubique™, we align our working environments and methods with evolving social trends and appreciate the ever-changing working preferences of different cultures, generations and personalities.

Our goal is to build lives that are free, connected and values-driven.

It’s what we call meaningful independence.



At ubique™, we are pioneering a model that combines the best of the gig-world and the security of a full-time job. We give people room to be their best — to think and act independently on behalf of the organization.


At ubique™, we are committed to accommodating personal styles and needs. We provide greater latitude in the way our employees accomplish goals, by assessing their needs and providing guidance to optimize performance.


At ubique™, we are driven by values, not just profit. We adopt principles putting fairness and equality at the heart of the enterprise. Our people are coowners and take control of their economic future.


At ubique™, we are committed to continuous, secure employment. This enhances satisfaction, productivity and engagement while removing the psychological pressure and stress associated with insecurity.

Making good on

Meaningful Independence.

We reject the false notion that only multinational conglomerates or private equity-funded startups can be great tech companies.

Technology is the lifeblood of all our futures, not just the privilege of a few.

We believe in a fairer world in which wealth and resources are distributed equitably.

We treat our employees fairly, give them control and seek to create a fairer world.

By doing so, we are more creative, committed, resilient and independent.

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