Talent is ubiquitous.

Opportunities are not.

We must provide the modern workforce opportunities that allow them to grow.


We are rethinking

flexibility|opportunities|equity|work habits|stability|security

for good.

As Buckminster Fuller said: “You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

Leaders preparing to deal with one of the biggest workforce transformations in a generation know they face a multitude of challenges, and at the same time are offered a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create unprecedented competitive advantage.

Those that appreciate and act on these changes now will not only have the capabilities, but also the adaptability to thrive, no matter what the future holds.

At ubique™, we have fundamentally re-envisioned the workforce, the workplace and operating models with a clear vision for a rapidly changing world.

Ubiquitous transformation
has left incumbents
saddled with heavy legacy.

How we got here?

Building lasting legacies by putting values first.

Legacy is not necessarily bad. We get it. In fact, those built in deliberate pursuit of good values become cherished heritage.

The undeniable problem with IT service providers, though, is that they have chased short-term goals, not lasting ones.

Every other industry treats it's most vital assets with utmost care. Machines even get preventive maintenance for their own good. Heard of forced downtime for people? Heck, even cows are pampered with classical music and massages to improve their yield.

However, the most important assets in the IT services industry are treated as commodities. You only have to look as far as the management commentaries of these companies. The terms they use to refer to people are a clear giveaway — resource management, utilization, pyramid and so forth.

At ubique™, our singular goal is to empower people to shape the future.




Meaningful Independence

When you meet someone who works at ubique™, you’re meeting a co-owner who knows and cares about the business.

Find out how we have re-envisioned the Workforce.

From cubicle to cubiqle™

We employ a wholly reimagined, analytical workplace model that provides better proximity and options to our employees.

Find out how we have re-envisioned the Workplace.

From fixed to fluid

Our reimagined model allows us to offer our customers >50% reduction in costs, greater agility and elasticity.

Find out how we have re-envisioned the Operating Model.